Topics for 2023


The main theme of the 6th year is LONGEVITY


Meltingpot is a multidisciplinary discussion forum presenting ideas without borders in the informal atmosphere of a music festival. Over 250 speakers from all over the world discuss topics, information and visions on global and personal challenges over four days. 


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Longevity is a choice. The extension of one's healthy life is the driving force behind the modern Longevity phenomenon. Doctors, physiotherapists, breathing and fitness instructors, innovators and visionaries - they all promote healthy lifestyles, body culture, food quality and the use of digital technology to improve our physical and mental functions. This summer we will meet them at the Meltingpot Forum in a unique Longevity concept. Come get inspired and live a better quality of life.

Matthew Walker (GBR)

leading expert on sleep and author

Patrick McKeown (IRL)

Breathing Expert and Author

Pavel Kolář (CZE)

World-renowned physiotherapist, author of popular science books

Jiří Dvořák (CZE/CHE)

Professor of Neurology, campaigner of Brain Health and healthy lifestyle

Brain We Are (CZE)

Neuroscience Podcast

Petr Šrámek (CZE)

Visionary, entrepreneur and investor in longevity and AI

Barbara Paldus (CZE/CAN)

Businesswoman & Investor
Other speakers


#quantumphysics #schoolsofthenewage #futureofscience #universityvspractice #newtalent #amazingdiscoveries


They condition and stimulate each other, hand in hand they pull society forward. Science and education are essential building blocks of progress. What is already possible today, even though we continue to consider it science fiction? What discoveries are being made in schools and how can we prepare future generations for a world we do not yet live in? We will talk about all this with renowned scientists, academicians and representatives of different approaches to education.

Sara Polak (CZE)

Archaeologist in AI

Dana Drábová (CZE)

Nuclear physicist

Karel Kostka (CZE)

Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies at Humanitas University

Tomáš Jedlička (CZE)

Headmaster of a Waldorf school
Other speakers


#globalization #disinformation #ukraine #society #spiritofeurope #newsocialcontract


The interests of power and money are constantly overlapping. This is transforming society and the world. The biggest global economic, political and social challenges through the eyes of experts.

John Perkins (USA)

Economist, Author, International Speaker and Activist

Igor Lukeš (CZE/USA)

Professor of History

Greg Palast (USA)


Tomáš Sedláček (CZE)

Economist, Philosopher, and Author
Other speakers


#architecture #stories #powerofsatire #history #music #joyvschallenges


Without the arts, we wouldn't be here and hosting the Meltingpot Forum. Who knows if we would have made it through the tough times. Art as one of the oldest forms of expression opens the door to emotion, knowledge and inspiration. It holds up a mirror to us. What is it currently reflecting? Contemporary literary and artistic achievements in a broader context at Meltingpot 2023.

Tuvia Tenenbom (ISR/USA)

Writer and journalist

Eva Le Peutrec (CZE)

Architect, Urbanist, Visionary

Oksana Maslova (UKR)

Author and Playwright

Jitka Vodňanská (CZE)

Psychotherapist, meditation teacher
Other speakers


#environment #infrastructure #fashion #climatechange #activism #wellbeing


Activist no longer means extremist. Environmental activists are growing in number among scientists, visionaries, artists and giant corporate bosses, and their aim is to show us all that it can be done. That we can live in a world we won't destroy. That the idea of putting man and nature "head-to-head" is passé.

Shooka Bidarian (IRN/GBR)

TV presenter, producer and climate activist

Mark Maslin (GBR)

Professor of Earth System Science

Bill McKibben (USA)


Lucy Tammam (GBR)

Sustainable fashion designer
Other speakers


#newtech #futureofwork #ai #universe #humanpotential #metaverse


A vision is created when dreams become plans. There are countless possible scenarios for where our society will go. How will the coexistence of humans and technology evolve? Is the future one in the service of highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, or an awakening of humanity and a shift to a new level of consciousness?

Carmen A. Medina (USA)

Expert on critical thinking, innovation and intrapreneurship

Julia Mossbridge (USA)

Neuroscientist, co-founder of The Institute for Love and Time

Jay Richards (GBR)

Innovative entrepreneur and visionary

Yemi A.D. (CZE)

Multidisciplinary Creative, Founder & CEO of Moonshot Platform Inc.
Other speakers


#yoga #breath #sharing #meditation #motivation #innerpower


Changing one habit can change our entire lives. Learn to sleep better, breathe better, feel your body and program your mind with us. One day at a time towards a better you.

Jamie Catto (GBR)

Musician, Filmmaker, Author

Aleš Urbanczik (CZE/CHE)

Teacher of Structural Integration

Rostislav Václavek (CZE)

Teacher of Functional Breathing
Other speakers


#travelling #discoveries #photos #experience #human #nature


They say experiences are worth investing in because they stay with us forever. Our guests, eternal travellers, pilgrims, adventurers and adrenaline junkies, will confirm this without hesitation. Whether you're enchanted by mountains, oceans, deserts or glaciers, you'll be sure to find something to your liking at this year's Meltingpot Forum. And perhaps you'll find a partner for your next destination. The programme is currently being prepared.

Petr Horký (CZE)

Filmmaker, Polar explorer, YouTuber

Klára Kolouchová (CZE)


Ruda Švaříček (CZE)

Traveler, entrepreneur and visionary

Vilém Rudolf (CZE)

the first Czech at the North and South Pole
Other speakers



Czech business leaders and top politicians will meet on Saturday 22 July at Meltingpot to debate the future of the Czech Republic. The programme is currently being prepared.