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FRIDAY 19/7/2019



Tribute to Czech Para Ice Hockey          

Jiří Bříza (CZE), Michal Geier (CZE), Michal Vápenka (CZE), Miroslav Novotný (CZE), Pavel Doležal (CZE)mod. Robert Záruba 

For the fans of the World Championship in para ice hockey 2019, which took place in Ostrava this spring, they were Masters. The Czech national para ice hockey team players have taken the unpopular fourth place from the championship, but they are golden for hundreds of thousands of Czechs who supported them during the tournament. Now everyone is back in their everyday lives. What are their stories and what is behind the scenes of para hockey? We will talk with the coach of the national team Jiří Bříza and the players. At the end, there might be a musical surprise.


I ♥ Leonardo Da Vinci – Modern Day Renaissance Women and Men

Joe Davis (USA), Tomáš Sedláček (CZE), Adam Gebrian (CZE), Anna Hogenová (CZE), Alice Valkárová (CZE), Yemi A.D. (CZE), Radovan Jursa (CZE), Anatol Svahilec (CZE), mod. Ondřej Cihlář a Petr Prokop            

The great artist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci continues to fascinate us even 500 years after his death. His name and work has become a symbol of innovation and progress. His ability to stand at the crossroads of humanities and natural sciences, symbolized by the famous drawing of Vitruvian Man, made him a genius of creativity.

In his time, complex thinking was common. The following centuries dug a deep gap between the humanities and the natural sciences. Specification of disciplines has led to progress. However, it is clear that further development and the future of innovation depend more than ever on a return to multidisciplinary thinking and synthesis of knowledge. This seems to be the only way to discover something new: open up to the multitude of the world where everything is connected. Just as Leonardo da Vinci understood it.


Devakant (USA)

Musician, composer, painter and sculptor, friend and personal flautist of Osho

American composer and multi-instrumentalist, personal flautist to Osho. Talented painter and sculptor. He has created over 20 solo albums, hundreds of compositions and countless works of art. He performs, conducts workshops and exhibits his works in Europe and South America.


Mark Gungor (USA)  

9 BeAttitudes of Marriage

When Jesus sat down for his amazing Sermon on the Mount, he began by sharing nine simple truths: Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are those that mourn, blessed are the meek, etc… We call them the “beatitudes”. In this session, Mark Gungor shares his “NINE BE-ATTITUDES” for a successful marriage. Nine ways for you to “be” in order for you to experience the kind of marriage God intends for you to have. This lecture is based on Mark‘s book Be-Attitudes of Marriage: 9 Simple Steps to a Healthier and Happier Marriage.



Jaromír Konečný (CZE/DEU), Karin (CZE), Anatol Svahilec (CZE), Ondra Hrabal (CZE), Dr. Filipitch (CZE). Special guest: Tank (USA), Nicolas Job (SEN), mod. Martin Vasques




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