Important Information


Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Meltingpot can be found here. If not, please contact us at We will be happy to answer your questions.


Dolní oblast Vítkovice and the Location of Meltingpot Stages

Where does Meltingpot take place?


Meltingpot Forum is a part of the festival Colours of Ostrava and is held in the same location, in Dolní Oblast Vítkovice (DOV) in Ostrava.


Where are the stages of Meltingpot located?


The Meltingpot stages are located in the area of the mine Hlubina and around the multifunctional hall Gong. The Meltingpot + Dům knihy is not located in the DOV area. It is in the bookstore Dům knihy near the exhibition area of Černá louka.

Can I park near the Meltingpot stages?


It is not possible to reserve parking in the DOV area or near this area. Please take advantage of the more remote parking places in the city or near your accommodation. You can reach the area by foot, by taxi, and by tram no. 1 and 2 (tram stop: Důl Hlubina).

Tickets, reservations, and capacity of stages

Can I buy tickets only for Meltingpot?


Entry into the stages of the forum is possible only with a valid ticket (bracelet) for the Colours of Ostrava.


Is the entry into the stages of Meltingpot free of charge?


With your ticket for Colours of Ostrava, you can visit all the stages of Meltingpot Forum free of charge, except for the Meltingpot Gala Stage in Gong, where seat reservation is necessary. Reservations can be made on the website of Colours of Ostrava. Your reservation is valid after its confirmation. The online reservation will be available one month before the forum starts at


Can I make the reservation for the program of Meltingpot Gala Stage on the spot?


Yes, during Meltingpot the seats for this stage can be reserved only in the foyer of the Gong Multifunctional Hall.


Is the capacity of Meltingpot stages limited


The individual stages of Meltingpot are limited in their capacities. If the capacity is reached, then entry is not possible.

Interpretation and recordings of lectures

Will the lectures in foreign languages be translated into Czech?


Yes of course. The spoken word in the main hall of Gong at the Meltingpot Gala Stage will be interpreted by transcription on the screen. Simultaneous interpreting to headphones is provided at the Global, Music Alarm, Good Life and Kosmas / Argo stages. Headphones will be available in the appropriate halls. The number of headphones is limited. The lectures in other places will be interpreted consecutively.

Is it possible to replay the lectures somewhere after Meltingpot?


Yes, we will post the selected forum lectures after the end of the event ends on our YouTube channel and on this website.