Zuzana Kučerová (CZE)



Zuzana is an associate professor and researcher at the Faculty of Economics of the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava and at the Faculty of Operational Economics of Mendel University in Brno. She has been involved in a number of research projects in the field of monetary theory and policy, monetary and financial integration, international monetary relations and macroeconomics.


Zuzana received her PhD in Economics from the Technical University of Ostrava where she also successfully completed the professorship. She and her colleagues have been working on identifying the determinants of European consumers' inflation expectations, assessing the determinants of crowdfunding success, evaluating the impact of monetary and financial integration in Europe, measuring investor attention in selected cryptocurrency markets, and analysing the joint movement of uncertainty and selected stock indices. She regularly publishes the results of her work with her co-authors in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.
In her spare time, she enjoys listening to audiobooks and radio plays, drawing, hiking, taking care of cats and repairing her parents' house.