Veronika Allister (CZE)

Biohacker, founder of Systers, author


Veronika is one of the leading personalities in the field of biohacking, not only in the Czech Republic. She is a visionary who loves experimenting and exploring the world beyond the limits of the possible. She is the founder of the Systers project which focuses on optimizing female physiology, biohacking and wellbeing.



Veronika is the author of two books, Hoř pomalu (Burn Slowly) and Unicornverse, which approaches the future of health from a biohacking perspective, and serves as a map for everyone to set up their own system to navigate biohacking.
Through her journey, Veronika has healed from chronic inflammatory diseases, as well as mental issues such as anxiety, burnout syndrome, panic attacks and depression. She currently focuses on improving diagnosis and raising awareness of the gender gap in science, where women are still underrepresented in clinical trials.
She has also previously worked as a professional cold therapy instructor, leading ice expeditions and running ultramarathons. In addition, she is interested in modern science, technology, nature and consciousness research, futurology, the world of plants and dietary supplements.



Vitesco Gamechangers stage
19. 7. 2024 10:30 - 11:30


Biohacking for all genders, and visions for the future of humanity.