Tomáš Sedláček (CZE)

Economist, Philosopher, and Author


Tomáš Sedláček, a renowned Czech economist, was listed among the top 100 most influential global thinkers (Top 100 Thought Leaders, GDI). His book on philosophy, ethics and history of economic thought named "Economics of Good and Evil - the quest for economic meaning from the Epic of Gilgamesh to Wall Street", quickly became an unexpected national bestseller and was translated into 21 languages.


Born in 1977 in Prague, Sedlacek became, at the age of 24, an economic advisor of Czech president Václav Havel. Later he became a member of the National Economic Council, advisory body to the Czech Prime Minister. During his fellowship at Yale University, Yale Economic Review ranked him among five hot young minds in economics. He currently works as a chief macroeconomic strategist at Czech commercial bank CSOB.Tomas Sedlacek was a member of Program Council for New Economic Thinking of World Economic Forum that meets in Davos and a member of an advisory body to EC president Barroso on New Narrative for Europe.

He lectures at Charles University and sits on boards of many non-profit organizations. In addition, he works as a columnist for leading Czech economic daily. A widely sought-after media commentator and an entertaining and engaging speaker, Tomas travels the world to debate burning questions of current economics with glitch mirrors from the deepest mythological past, philosophies and beliefs which he likes to combine with variety of other current fields.