Petr Růžička (CZE)

Movement Master


Movement is his life. Petr started moving 50 years ago and hasn't stopped yet. He has tried different sports and fitness methods and now teaches his students how to move better. Since 2021, he is also in charge of the training of the Lvi Prague volleyball team.


For the first 40 years he worked in the corporate world, so he sat a lot, then stood a little, then sat a lot again. Outside of work, however, he always sought movement. At the age of 6, he discovered judo, then took up karate. At 14 he started practicing yoga, and spent 17 years studying martial arts, mainly Wing Chun Kung Fu. After a spine injury in 2004, he began exploring the human body to fix his aching back. He learned how to swing a heavy iron ball called kettlebell, and studied the methods of Pavel Tsatsoulin. In 2005, he started practicing — and later teaching — CrossFit in the Czech Republic, to which he dedicated 6 years of his life. He quit kettlebells and CrossFit before both became popular. For six years, he was part of the Ido Portal Mentorship program, which was a very intensive and thorough teaching on how, what, when and why to teach. As well as what to skip and why. Equipped with these skills, he can surely teach the Meltingpot audience to move better too.


Movement is life

Good Life stage
18. 7. 2024 12:45 - 13:45


Movement workshop. We will improve fascia flexibility, learn some relaxation and strengthening, work with rhythm, four limbs and one head. Expect 60 minutes of movement games and puzzles, chaos and order, effort and calm.