Michal Elčkner (CZE)

Personal trainer, movement instructor


Michal works as a personal trainer, group instructor, lecturer of professional movement seminars and retraining. He focuses on a healthy and functional approach not only to movement, but to the overall lifestyle.


For several years he worked as a fitness coach and therapist of the Czech and Slovak beach volleyball national teams. He currently teaches lessons for seniors, physio lessons for sports clubs (aerobics, cycling, athletics), children's groups with a focus on movement versatility and also individual lessons with a health & fitness focus. Together with Dana Čechmanová, he founded the School of Functional Movement and the School of Healthy Yoga, with which he also organizes a series of professional webinars, trainings, workshops and weekend events. The core of his work is teaching movement that we can use not only in all sports activities, but especially in everyday life as a prevention against civilization diseases, posture problems and back pain.
Michal devotes a large part of his time to raising his own children. Thanks to studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University and his pedagogical education, he has the opportunity to lead children to skiing, gymnastics, athletics, ball games, swimming, climbing and other sports for their complex physical development, for which they may thank him in the future.