Michaela Boho (CZE)

Teacher, writer, traveller


Michaela is a teacher of English and Russian. After five years of teaching at a school, while she wrote a book of decadent poems and travelled with children across Europe as part of educational projects, she decided to go in a slightly different direction.



For nearly two years she worked as a governess in a medium and high security men's prison, about which she wrote a book of short stories. After this experience, she wanted to look under the hood of the issue of drug addiction, as the vast majority of recidivists behind bars committed their crimes under influence. She completed a retraining course as a social worker, then spent a year and a half working with young adults trying to jump into adult life, even though they have almost no family background and usually struggle with some kind of addiction. Michaela then spent six months working directly with drug addicts in a contact centre, and another month working with children with special educational needs in a children's diagnostic institute.
She now works in an ordinary primary school as an English teacher, has written a children's book, and is working on another book about her experiences of travelling and a failed marriage in Ukraine at the beginning of the war.