Berta Jarošová (CZE)

Cybersecurity expert


Berta serves as the Cyber Attachée of the National Office for Cyber and Information Security at the Czech Embassy in Washington DC, where she works with the US and Canada on cybersecurity.



Previously, she was Counselor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Defense Policy and Strategy Section at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and worked with the department's Special Representative for Cyberspace. She has also worked on new technologies at the Prague Security Studies Institute, where she collaborated with researchers from Israel and the UK, and gained further experience at the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the United Nations in New York.
Berta studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and International Law at Leiden University. She is also a graduate of the Hoover International Seminar at Stanford University, the CEPA Denton Fellowship in Washington DC and the International Visitor Leadership Program of the US Department of State. The Schmidt Futures organization selected her for the International Stategy Forum Fellowship program this year.
In 2024, she co-founded Women4Cyber Czechia to promote diversity in cybersecurity.