Za hranicí fitness (CZE)

Healthy lifestyle podcast


Karel Mencl and Karel Ticháček, two friends with a common interest in health and fitness, have been producing a podcast called Za Hranicí Fitness (Beyond Fitness) for almost 4 years. Every week, they record new episodes, discussing a wide range of topics such as health, exercising, diet, supplementation, psychology, and biohacking. All the topics they cover are based on their own experience and the latest scientific findings.


Karel & Karel aim to inspire and motivate their followers to improve their health and physical condition. In summer, they organize training camps where participants can meet other members of the community, share their experience, exercise together and learn something new.

Terapie červeným světlem

Good Life stage
22. 7. 2023 16:30 - 17:30


A lecture on benefits of Red Light Therapy