Veronika Hudačová (CZE)

HR specialist & Game master


Veronica is a versatile and fun-loving professional with a knack for juggling roles in Human Resources, Language Teaching, and Game Mastering.



Currently, as a Human Resources Specialist at Tietoevry, she is on a mission to match talented individuals with the perfect opportunities while managing candidate databases with ninja-like precision. At VISTA, she unleashes her linguistic superpowers as a Language Teacher, creating lessons that teleport learners to fluency in no time.
She is also pursuing a Master's degree in Arts & Culture Management in Rome Business School.
But wait, there's more! In the realm of gaming, she becomes the Game Master extraordinaire, weaving captivating tales and creating mind-bending experiences that leave players breathless.
So, whether it's finding the perfect candidate, teaching the language of dreams, or leading daring quests, she infuses positivity and energy into everything she does. Get ready for an exciting journey, because with her, work becomes a thrilling adventure!