Tomáš Jedlička (CZE)

Headmaster of a Waldorf school


He is a big supporter of Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education. He educates not only pupils but also himself and other teachers, cooperates with parents, and is open to debates with the public.


Tomáš studied specialized biology and chemistry at Masaryk University in Brno, and as part of his studies, he worked on computer modeling of enzymatic reactions at the Czech National Center for Biomolecular Research. He has been teaching at the Waldorf School in Brno for the past 20 years, and since 2010 he has been its headmaster.
The Waldorf School in Brno educates almost 500 pupils. It is a unique combination of kindergarten, primary and secondary school, not only because all the parts share one building, but because teachers of all grades work together regularly. In cooperation with the students' parents, they strive to build a family environment even with this size of the school.
Since 2014, Tomáš Jedlička has been actively serving as a board member of the Association of Waldorf Schools in the Czech Republic, a professional organization bringing together more than 20 primary and secondary Waldorf schools. He participates in organizing projects and tutoring Waldorf teachers.