Ruda Švaříček (CZE)

Traveler, entrepreneur and visionary


Ruda is a visionary with a wide range of activities and, at the same time, Managing Director of the travel agency Livingstone. He lent his head and soul to the GO Kamera festival. He functions as the engine of demanding expeditions and extraordinary projects.



He has given some extraordinary performances in the exploration of extreme areas as well as in a number of successful expeditions: Polar 89 (to the polar line with a dog sled), Marco Polo (across Asia), Silk Road (a year and a half through Asian states), Living Africa (across Africa in a Tatra vehicle). He focuses mainly on areas of isolated ethnicity. His domains are Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Himalayan region. He has carried out some unique mountain excursions (the first Czech ascent to Carstensz Pyramid...).
He publishes successful books, co-operates with televisions, presents, organizes exhibitions with record-breaking attendance, and plans happenings. An extreme adventurer as well as a charming companion and a skilled diplomat. A geyser of thoughts and ideas with abnormal drive and endurance.


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Livingstone stage
20. 7. 2023 14:45 - 15:45