Noam Helfer (ISR)

musician and producer


Noam is a musical entrepreneur. He’s an artist of atmosphere, groove and feelings. Human beings are his main instrument and he resonates with them through different ways of manipulating time and space.



“In my works, I combine acoustic instruments, field recordings, electronics, and beats. I’m a freak of improvisation. Sounds, feelings, and physical movement are the same for me,” he says.
His artistic ventures vary widely but can be narrowed down to 3 main channels of creation:
First, he’s a vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In his recording studio he collaborates and releases music under the monikers Helfer and Age is a Box. He works with various colourful artists such as Kamila, Oren Lavie, Roy Avital - Garden City Movement, Totemo, Idil Meśe and many more.
Second, he composes soundtracks for many world-known choreographers including Sharon Friedman, Fresco, Vertigo, Lior Tavori, Daniel Elnuma and many more.
Third, he curates, directs and produces multi-disciplinary conceptual art events under the name Capsula.

He has released music via different labels around the world, such as Anova Music and BLDG5 (Israel), NeedWant (England), Atmosphere (Belgium), Lukins (Germany). These days he’s more into self-releasing but that tends to change from time to time. During his career Noam performed and soundtracked around the world in various locations and festivals. Some of them are Fusion (Germany), Pohoda (Slovakia), United Islands (Czech Republic) and many more.