Mr. Kriss (CZE)

b-boy and illustrator

„I draw with my body on the floor and dance with a pencil on paper.“


Kristián Mensa, known by his artistic name Mr. Kriss, is a Czech breakdancer, or b-boy, and illustrator. As a dancer he is known for his distinctive expression and combination of lightness, elegance, flexibility and acrobatics.



In October 2019 in Paris, he danced fourth place at the prestigious Red Bull Dance Your Style competition and has become a recognized dancer worldwide. He has also applied his movement in the commercial world, dancing for brands such as Louis Vuitton and Zara. He has worked with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora and Armand Amar, and choreographers such as Akram Khan and Yoann Bourgeois.
In his illustrations, he works with the everydayness, often overlooked, and with a witty and poetic touch he reminds us how finding simplicity is important to understanding today's world. He plays with words and different topics and most often responds metaphorically to current global events with his illustrations. He has had private exhibitions in Prague, Bratislava, Frankfurt and Copenhagen and collaborations with brands such as Heinz, Pilot Pen and WWF. He was listed in the US Huffington Post's 20 under 20 or Forbes' 30 under 30. Kristián is also the recipient of the Silver Medal of the President of the Senate of the Czech Republic for "youthful courage and inspiration" in 2021. The director Adolf Zika made a feature-length documentary film about him called simply "Mr. Kriss".


Dance as a form of communication

Cacao stage
22. 7. 2023 13:30 - 14:30


Kristian Mensa aka Mr. Kriss is an exceptional, distinctive (and not only) breakdancer known to the dance community all over the world. He will guide us through this dance workshop, where we will learn to perceive movement and our own body through his eyes.