Misha Lebeda (CZE)

Head of ENDO Talks CZ


Michaela aka Misha is a project manager in the field of IT and marketing. Publicly, she is known as an activist and former foreign spokesperson for the Million Chvilek political movement. She spent eleven years in Brussels, where she developed endometriosis and underwent surgery. In 2021, she founded ENDO Talks CZ – the first organization in the Czech Republic focused on helping women with this disease.


Recently, she worked as a community coordinator in the successful election campaign of President Petr Pavel. Combining her experience with optimizing processes in organizations, she brings solutions for systemic changes, both for entrusted clients and for the wider society. In her free time, Misha is a passionate artist and designer. She often uses art to bring together the topics she communicates. For that, she also collaborates with young talents.