Marcus Minton (USA)



Having worked primarily with the Czech and Slovak languages in the army, he came to the Czech Republic in 1998 to experience the culture first-hand. His original plan of staying for one year has been extended indefinitely.



Before going to university, Marcus served four years in the United States Army working in military intelligence. Since 1998, he has contributed as a writer and as an editor for various traditional and online media and has been working as a professional translator. In 1998, he began teaching in Zlín at the Thomas Bata Business Academy and Thomas Bata University, where he worked for 11 years before moving to Vsetin and teaching at a private school (Kostka s.r.o.).
Since 2015, he has taught at PORG Ostrava at both the primary school and grammar school. In his spare time Marcus enjoys playing guitar, singing, writing, running, and following trends in media, psychology, and geopolitics.