H:o)nza Vojtko (CZE)



He specializes in the therapy of couples whom he wants to help – not to advise.


Honza is constantly learning. He went through all possible paths of education, from apprenticeship to higher education, which he is now constantly expanding by one training after another. He studied andragogy with a specialization in psychology, has completed training in coaching, from a purely structured results coaching system to intuitive and group methods. In addition to that, he specializes in couple therapy, in which he uses the principles of body therapy and CBT. Together with the Czech actress Ester Geislerová and Josefína Bakošová, they created an interactive lecture on relationships and communication called Therapy by Sharing Live. In addition to all this, he writes books for children, articles for adults and makes videos. He loves his job.


Hausbot Petra Horkého

Europe stage
21. 7. 2023 20:30 - 21:30


Live recording of a popular talk show