Zuzana Švédová (CZE)

Nutritional therapist


In her work, Zuzana mainly deals with diabetics, both type 1 and type 2, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases. She also focuses on children and children's nutrition, and teaches our little ones the magic of herbs, which is her great passion. Zuzana leads workshops and lectures where she brings the audience back to our roots that are a powerful source of energy.


In her spare time, Zuzana researches in old writings to find out the magic of old days, which she then tries to reflect in books filled with herbs, traditions and ancient customs. She enjoys creating in the kitchen or in the garden, loves photography, flower arranging, hiking, music, books, psychology and ancient mysteries. Zuzana´s great love is her son, who fills her days with joy and sunshine, as well as her family and other good people around her.