Tomáš Šebek (CZE)



The Doctor without Borders seeks to extend the length of life in health in the Czech Republic by five years.



Years ago, Tomáš Šebek decided to provide his hands where they were most needed, and with Médecins Sans Frontières went to help the wounded in war zones as a surgeon focused on trauma surgery of the abdomen, chest and limbs. He set out on his first mission in 2010 to earthquake-ravaged Haiti. He later returned there, and went on more missions to Afghanistan, South Sudan and Yemen. He described all these experiences in blogs, which he then compiled into four successful books.
Tomáš currently works as a hospital surgeon in Prague. When he’s not saving lives, he writes and photographs, improves his results in triathlons, pilots a plane or reads medical books.


Lékaři bez hranic: Haiti

Livingstone stage
19. 7. 2024 20:00 - 21:00


What is the job of a surgeon in war zones? How does one open a skull? The skilful doctor has completed missions in Haiti, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Yemen. His enormous popularity is rightly growing.