Tereza Engelová (CZE)

Journalist, documentary filmmaker


Tereza reports from crisis zones. She has filmed on an aircraft carrier before the Iraq war, earthquakes in Iran and Turkey, the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, the terrorist attacks in London and AIDS epidemic in Ethiopia.



She began her career in journalism at Czech Television, where she first covered events in the UK and hosted the Objektiv and European Events TV shows. Gradually she managed to break into the all-male environment of crisis reporters. At thirty, she decided to jump off the TV train and spent a year in London studying documentary film. She then taught it, along with journalism, at a women's university in Pakistan, where she lived for almost two years. Tereza became one of the first freelancers in the Czech media environment. She has contributed to newspapers, magazines, Czech Radio Plus and Czech TV. During the war in Syria, she lived with her family in Turkish Kurdistan for a year.
After returning to the Czech Republic, Tereza joined the investigative server HlidaciPes.org, where she focuses on foreign and social science topics. For her objective and balanced reporting on the conflict in Ukraine, she won the Journalist Award for Audiovisual Journalism, and in 2022 she won the Ferdinand Peroutka Award.