Tateki "TECH" Matsuda (JPN)

Professional MMA fighter


Mixed Martial Arts Master, promoter and living proof of body development, discipline, functional sports nutrition and biohacking. The Ultimate Fighting Championship flyweight fighter teaches us to feel and use every movement in a meaningful way.


Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Tateki initially pursued a baseball career. However, after deciding to study sports science in the U.S. for more advanced training, he faced uncertainty after his high school senior year baseball season. Introduced to kickboxing by a friend, Tateki found passion and success in martial arts, competing in the All Japan full-contact Karate tournament.
Moving to Massachusetts for education, he earned a bachelor's degree in Sports Movement Science for Coaching in 2009 and a Master's degree in Applied Nutrition for Fitness in 2013. Balancing academic achievements with a progressing MMA career, Tateki made his professional debut in 2008, competing in regional promotions. In 2014, he marked a milestone with his UFC debut at UFC FIGHT NIGHT 50 in September.
With a solid knowledge of the complex relationship between nutrition, movement and overall well-being, Tateki is nowadays also a sought-after speaker at nutrition, fitness and biohacking conferences.