Sara Curruchich (GTM)

Singer, songwriter


Sara Curruchich is the first indigenous Guatemalan singer and songwriter to sing in Kaqchikel (her mother tongue), as well as Spanish, for an international audience. Her voice and message of love, awareness, respect and defense of life in all its forms, have led many people to regard her as a beacon of light and hope.



Sara was born in 1993 in San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, in a Mayan Kaqchikel community, in the central highlands of Guatemala. Her people have a long tradition of art and knowledge, as well as a history of resistance and struggle. Her music is thus born from her people’s collective and individual feelings, history, memory, culture, languages and struggles, as well as her own, personal stance as an artist.


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Vypravěčský stan
19. 7. 2024 14:30 - 15:30


Sara Curruchich shares her Maya Kaqchikel heritage through her music. Born in San Juan Comalapa, a small town in Guatemala’s central highlands that’s predominantly Kaqchikel, Curruchich grew up surrounded by the arts. It’s how her community keeps its history alive, she says. “Through the different artistic expressions of my pueblo, we remember things that have happened in history,” Curruchich said.”Many of these events we saw as kids in a painting or on a fabric. It’s very valuable to me because Guatemala has unfortunately denied our history. What we know about, what we live, is through art.”
Listen to the story of who her ancestors were and how their legacy is still inspiring today.