Robert Konieczny (POL)


„Innovation through respect for tradition, and the courage to transcend boundaries.“


Robert Konieczny is a leading Polish architect. Born in 1969 in Katowice, he studied architecture at the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice. In 1996 he received certification from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and three years later he co-founded the KWK Promes architecture studio.



Robert Konieczny is considered a representative of conceptual architecture; his designs are rooted in clear ideas and intentions. His approach is typified by a willingness to depart from his own personal preferences and to seek innovative, often surprising solutions. His KWK Promes studio is renowned for its ability to transform derelict buildings into striking works of modern architecture.

One of Konieczny’s most fascinating recent projects is the revitalization of Ostrava’s historic city slaughterhouse. Thanks to a careful renovation combined with new architectural solutions, the slaughterhouse has become an iconic venue for contemporary art. Konieczny’s KWK Promes studio was responsible for implementing his vision, which has breathed new life into Ostrava’s historic centre.