René Kujan (CZE)

Ultra-marathon runner


After completing his first marathons, he nearly died in a car accident he did not cause. He heard the doctors' verdict: Be glad you're walking! At 33, he could have ended up in a wheelchair. But 5 years after the accident, he became the first person to circumnavigate Iceland in 30 days.



René went from the northernmost to the southernmost and from the easternmost to the westernmost point of the island. Why Iceland? What charms, magic and beauty drew him in? How does it feel to return Black Peter to Death and disprove the doctors' expert opinions by running around Iceland?



Livingstone stage
17. 7. 2024 18:30 - 19:30


René crossed Iceland from North to South. The ultramarathoner was alone on his route, without a support vehicle. He carried everything he needed with him in a special running cart. His route went through the interior of Iceland, mostly on unpaved roads. Not only broken roads, but also river fords, wind and technical difficulties with the trolley got in his way.