Petr Horký (CZE)

Filmmaker, Polar explorer, YouTuber


He filmed on the erupting Indonesian volcano Merapi, swam with great white and tiger sharks without any protection. He discovered the wrecks of old ships in the Maldives, and was the only Czech to reach the North and South Poles as well as the Pole of Cold - the coldest inhabited place in the world. He crossed Greenland on skis, performed the first winter crossing of the Mongolian lake Khovsghol, and so much more...


Czech TV audiences have known Petr since the 1990s as a regular host of Czech Television shows and live sessions, but he has always felt the need to tell the story from the other side of the camera. He is the author of about 100 documentary films. He broadcasts his own talk show on TV and on his YouTube channel.
Petr is also the author and co-author of 12 books, holder of numerous film awards and a two-time holder of the Egon Erwin Kisch Literary Award. He is currently a doctoral student at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague. Petr Horký is also a sought-after media consultant and coach; he works with corporations on building media strategies and creating a media image. He lectures at professional and public conferences.

Civilizace + Expedice Neuron

Livingstone stage
19. 7. 2024 13:15 - 14:15


Petr will present a documentary film that is distributed in 108 countries around the world: CIVILIZATION — Good news about the end of the world. What is life like on planet Earth, what is life like in a global civilization? Where is everything going, how will we end up?