Pavel Tuleja (CZE)

Economist, Vice-Rector of Silesian University in Opava


He currently heads the Institute of Public Administration and Social Policy at the Faculty of Public Policy in Opava, and is also the Vice-Rector of Silesian University for Strategy and Communication.


Pavel Tuleja graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Vysoká škola Báňská —Technical University in Ostrava. He completed his habilitation in the field of Economics at the same faculty. He became the Head of the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship in Karviná, where he also held the position of Dean of the faculty and subsequently, for two terms, of Rector of Silesian University in Opava.
As part of his expertise, he mainly focuses on theoretical economics, while in recent years he has focused on solving microeconomic problems. In addition to theoretical economics, he also devotes his attention to the issues of macroeconomic analysis and public economics.