Pavel Hadrbolec (CZE)

CFO of T-Mobile in the Czech Republic


Pavel Hadrbolec is the current CFO of T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom. He has extensive experience in financial management, strategic planning and transformation.



His CV includes several renowned companies such as Český Mobil, where he was involved in the birth of the third Czech operator Oskar (now Vodafone). In 2004, he accepted an offer from T-Mobile CZ and joined the financial division. In addition to leading the controlling and accounting team, he led the integration with the newly acquired T-Systems Czech Republic and GTS Czech Republic, and was subsequently responsible for managing the company's strategy.
Pavel has also had a successful career at the parent company Deutsche Telekom, where he served as Vice President of Financial Controlling for Europe and was responsible for the strategic management of financial operations and other key projects from 2016 to 2019.
During his time in telecommunications, he has encountered a number of advanced technology projects and innovations, many of which are now developing with a significant acceleration, including machine learning and AI, undoubtedly the most interesting ones.