Patrick McKeown (IRL)

Breathing Expert and Author

„Breathing is an extraordinary resource with life-changing potential, and it’s simple, free and available to everyone.“


Patrick is a leading international expert on breathing and sleep, and author of bestselling books including The Oxygen Advantage. Since 2002, he has worked with thousands of clients, including elite military special forces (SWAT), Olympic coaches and athletes.



Patrick grew up with debilitating asthma. In 1998, he found an article in an Irish newspaper about the Buteyko breathing method. He tried the exercise to unblock his nose and was struck by how well it worked. Since then, he has become a leading expert on breathing, and an advocate for its health benefits. He became the creator, CEO and Director of Education and Training at Oxygen Advantage®, Director of Education and Training at Buteyko Clinic International and President of Buteyko Professionals International. His focus is to empower more people every day to breathe better, feel better and achieve their potential. The Oxygen Advantage™ program exists to empower everyone with optimal breathing as a foundational tool for health, well-being and performance. Their mission is to make the use of science-based breath techniques universal within a generation.
Patrick’s pivotal work, The Oxygen Advantage book has been translated into 16 languages. His latest books include Atomic Focus (2021), The Breathing Cure (2021) and Breathing for Yoga (2023).
Currently, Patrick lives with his wife Sinead and daughter Lauren in a remote cottage in the West of Ireland where he enjoys a simple life, making time every day to walk in nature.


Oxygen Advantage

Good Life stage
18. 7. 2024 18:00 - 19:00


The Oxygen Advantage™ is a series of unique breathing exercises for optimum health and sports performance. It enables you to stay calm and focused during challenging situations, achieve deep sleep for better cognitive function and productivity.
Come and experience the effects of the Oxygen Advantage™ method first-hand!


Overcome overthinking

Good Life stage
20. 7. 2024 16:45 - 17:45


In this session, Patrick will talk about how to overcome overthinking by increasing blood flow to the brain and naturally quieten the mind to enter flow. We will go beyond mindfulness as a tool to reduce thought activity.