Ondřej Slach (CZE)

Vice-Rector of the University of Ostrava

„The transformation of a region cannot be successful if it results in more losers than winners. That is why no one should be left behind.“


Ondřej is the head of the Social Lab, a part of the REFRESH project under the University of Ostrava. Since 2023, he has held the position of Vice-Rector for Strategy and Development at the University of Ostrava (OU).



He studied geography at the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava and Charles University. He has been working at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development since 2006 and also teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music of the OU. In addition to his academic roles, Ondřej Slach serves as an external consultant for the Ministry of Regional Development and collaborates with the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Culture, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, and others. He was a member of the organising team for the candidacy of Ostrava for the European Capital of Culture 2015. He led the teams that updated the Concept of Cultural Development of the Statutory City of Ostrava in 2014 and formulated the new Concept of Culture of the City of Ostrava in 2021.