Mojmír Urbánek (CZE)

Head of Production and Development at CIUR


Mojmír co-founded and has led the production and development of a recycling and technology company for the circular economy and sustainable development since 1991. The company has developed a unique concept of recycling, encompassing the entire chain from raw material acquisition to recycling, development of new products and creating technologies for their production, to the final market.



Their first waste-free technology was the insulation of buildings made from recycled paper — cellulose fibres. They focus on the use of recycled materials in many areas of industry, building materials and road construction. The use of environmentally friendly alternatives to existing technologies and raw materials is the main focus of the development.

Mojmír also encourages the promotion and use of products that follow environmental trends, are easily recyclable and re-processable, with an emphasis on upcycling that does not postpone recycling issues to future periods. For this, the company won the award for best product or technological innovation in the Czech Head of 2019.