Miroslav Bárta (CZE)

Archaeologist, Egyptologist


Miroslav is a member of a number of worldwide scientific organizations including The Explorers' Club in New York and The American Research Centre in Egypt. He is the recipient of the highest Czech scientific award, the Czech Head, and currently the only Czech member of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Miroslav Barta has been working in Egypt since 1991, and in 2010 he became the director of the pyramid field excavations in Abusir. It is currently the largest interdisciplinary Czech scientific expedition working abroad. In addition to Egyptology, where he focuses, among other things, on the period of the pyramid builders, history and archaeology of the 3rd millennium BC, he has long been involved in the comparative study of civilizations. He is the author of The Seven Laws of the Development of Civilizations (published in Czech in 2021).
Miroslav and his team have made a number of groundbreaking discoveries in Egypt. These include the tomb of the sage Kairsu, the tomb complex of the dignitary Nefer and Princess Sheretnebty, several shaft tombs from the Late Period, and the oldest surviving burial barge from the 3rd Dynasty. Miroslav Bárta also led the first detailed analysis of pyramid fields in Egypt using satellite imagery. He is currently working on research on one of the last unexplored pyramids in Egypt.
In recent years, he has been dealing with the state of the contemporary world and our Western civilization. The theme of this year's Civilization Forum at Meltingpot will be a series of lectures and debates with leading experts on the current state of our civilization and looking back. With filmmaker and traveller Petr Horký, Miroslav made the feature documentary film Civilisation — The Good News About the End of the World, which will also be screened.


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19. 7. 2024 15:00 - 16:00


An expedition into the history of today's Egyptian Western Desert.