Miriam Lipová (CZE)

Musician and storyteller


Miriam is a singer, pianist, creator of original music and narration. She is interested in the relations between the frequency waves of the human voice, the nature of the person and their current mood. She simply reads the stories of the soul from one´s voice, and teaches improvisation on the piano. She has no musical training, everything she does is a matter of talent and observation.




Neviditelné světy hlasů

Vypravěčský stan
19. 7. 2024 19:00 - 20:00


Miriam will tell you about how she learned to read the human voice as a chronicle of the soul. She will also tell you how, after many years, she finally found peace because she was no longer confused by words. It was when she realized that it makes sense to listen to the spirits of nature, and not to become something, but to discover who we are.