Miloš Škorpil (CZE)

Ultra-Marathon runner, running coach

„I run, I walk, I exercise, I go. I move, therefore I am.“


He believes that age is just a number. Miloš has been running since he was eleven years old, he has run more than 200,000 kilometres, has run all around the Czech Republic three times, ran from Prague to Vienna, twice became Czech Champion in the 24-hour race, and founded his own Running School. But the most important thing for him is that he can help people become healthier, physically fitter, mentally balanced, and basically enjoy a happy life.


Miloš has written numerous articles about running and the benefits of exercise. He has authored or co-authored 13 books that all have one thing in common: the belief that each of us is our own greatest rival, one that we can never beat. That's why it is important to accept ourselves as we are, so we can create the best version of ourselves and understand how the human body works, what benefits it, and what harms it. Then we can live a fulfilled life until our last days.