Miky Škoda (CZE)

entrepreneur, education & personal development enthusiast


Founder of projects X-Challenge, LeapMakers and in the past, for example, even LowCost Race.



With his activities he tries to search for and strengthen the position of the Czech Republic in the world. Miky is originally a physiotherapist, educator of leisure activities and a scout leader who has been doing business in various industries since he was 22 years old, has travelled over 40 countries, climbed several 4000-meter peaks including the Matterhorn and is the author of the book Můžeš (po)dělat cokoli (You Can Do (Screw up) Anything). Today he draws on his experience in business, scouting and travelling. He applies his experience in educational projects in order to help to develop education in the Czech Republic towards innovation, responsibility, multidisciplinarity and systemic critical thinking.