Middle of The Sandwich (CZE)

Music band


Martin Kapek, Libor Cinegr, Martin Petrásek, Josef Pryč and Max Kluka – this is Middle of the Sandwich, a band formed during the first wave of the covid pandemic in May 2020.


The Middle of The Sandwich

SUper stage Slezské univerzity
17. 7. 2024 18:00 - 18:45


In 2023, they became Radio Haná's Discovery of the Year and subsequently released their debut album Zvuky a Vůně (Sounds and Scents). The album was preceded by the release of several singles with music videos, two of which exceeded the 100,000 views mark on YouTube. The band is also in close cooperation with the Silesian University, as some of its members are students. Graduates, students and teachers of Silesian University have also participated in the audiovisual aspect of most of MOTS music videos.