Michal Kleslo (CZE)

Traveller, entrepreneur, and writer


Michal has travelled all over the world, his specialty is mountains. Travelling has become his job, he has led dozens of expeditions to the world's greatest mountain ranges and during these expeditions, he has gathered information and inspiration for several travel books, guidebooks, and maps.


He is the owner of the PAMIR7000 company, which he has run for 24 years. In his spare time, he does basically the same things he does at his job — mountain climbing, photography, writing, and traveling, in addition to designing his own outdoor clothing and gear.

Hory Jižní Ameriky

Livingstone stage
17. 7. 2024 16:45 - 17:45


The kaleidoscope of South American mountains begins in the nearly Antarctic reaches of Tierra del Fuego and ends in the tropical forests of Colombia. A cross-cutting journey compiled from many expeditions through the continent.