Lukáš Peter (CZE)

Vice-Dean at VŠB-TUO


Lukáš holds the position of the Vice-Dean for Cooperation with Industry at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, and he is an innovator in the field of medical devices. He finds inspiration in the story of the Little Prince, which is reflected in his approach to innovation and the search for deeper meaning in the world of medical devices.



He leads innovative projects in the medical device sector, effectively bridging the gap between academia and industry applications. In the sphere of practical application, he focuses on the regulation and legislation of medical devices. His contributions to the design and development of medical devices, their market launch, and international auditing showcase his exceptional ability to connect theoretical insights with practical demands. By combining his efforts in the regulated medical device market with scientific research, technological innovation, and a process-oriented approach, he enhances the availability, quality, and safety of medical devices, benefiting not only the national market.