Lucie Loona (CZE)

Dance teacher, DJ and coach of personal development


Lucie is a DJ, dance instructor, women's personal and spiritual development mentor. Her passion is working with music, sound and words. Currently, she is most interested in mixing DJ sets and creating dance meditations (inspired coaching), which she has been leading through since 2011.



Lucie founded Loona Dance Academy, a school for women, and the self-development Studio Loona in Prague. She is the mother of the Dance to Ecstasy dance project headed by the legendary DJ Josef Sedlon. She is one of the pioneers of dance meditations, shamanic journeys or journeys through the inner landscape through dance and music in the Czech Republic. During the years 2011—2014 she spread awareness of dance as a way of therapy, ritual, prayer and meditation.
As a DJ and dance coach, she performs at festivals, conventions, private parties and public dance events. Since 2016, she has been guiding mastermind groups to help in the development of women's self-fulfillment and entrepreneurship, providing them with a safe space for free expression and inspiration to expand their own horizons and explore their unique, perhaps previously hidden skills and talents. Lucie guides these groups through a movement meditation or shamanic journey through different levels of consciousness and dimensions, connecting them to a state of ecstasy, a sense of Oneness. More than 5000 women have participated in her courses and events.


Song of Bones

Good Life stage
18. 7. 2024 16:15 - 17:15


Dance (shamanic) meditation — a movement journey through our body, bones, DNA, all the way to the essence of our soul.