Kateřina Žbirková (CZE)

Music Producer and Manager


Katerina is a music and event manager, publisher and record label owner, producer of concerts, exhibitions and music videos. Among other projects, she co-produced the film Meky by Simon Safranek (2020), about her husband, Slovak musician and singer Miroslav “Meky“ Žbirka, and “Bara B.” by Helena Trestikova (2024).



Owner of Miro Agency, she produced a major retrospective exhibition Miro Žbirka Years And Days at the Czech National Museum, which then moved to the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava and then to the East Slovak Museum in Košice. Currently, she works as a personal manager of the singer Lenny, and organizes annual concerts of, for example, Miro Zbirka Symphonic, Peter Nagy or Lenka Filipová.