Juraj Felix (SVK)

Digital Development Director at Czech Media Invest & CEO at Fameplay


Juraj leads tech and new digital media investments at Czech Media Invest (CMI) with the focus on generative AI technologies and emerging new media ventures. Within CMI he is responsible for AI content creation and scaling initiatives to all media categories spanning from daily newspapers, lifestyle publications, book publishing to online video and podcasts.



With respect to group investments Juraj focuses on the digital content and technology ventures to strategically augment CMI assets, but also sport ventures and retail verticals in the wider EP Corporate Group.
Last but not least, Juraj is accountable for the Carl Data Company startup and is leading the team at Fameplay in the role of CEO. In both cases betting big on the data-driven creator economy growth supercharged by generative AI technologies.
Specifically to the AI Topic: the team of the creators at Fameplay have tested more than 200 AI tools and mastered production ranging from digital twins (avatars), text-to-speech and voice cloning, localization, vertical shorts, distribution all the way to full text-to-video production. All validated in real production. No theory.
Some of these will be showcased within the AI stream during all four days at Meltingpot 2024. Fameplay team has managed to get to Ostrava some of the very talented gen AI startups and its founders such as Jammable.ai (former Voicify), DeepL or Kaiber.ai, and is also taking care of the simultaneous translations for most of the Meltingpot 2024 programme.