Jiří Krhut (CZE)

Musician, composer, lyricist and entertainer


Jirka is a natural entertainer as well as a great musician. He can play guitar, piano, drums, and your emotions. At his performances and concerts, he draws the audience into his funny sketches, skits, poems, anecdotes and stage songs.


As a composer, he has written for famous Czech performers such as Ewa Farna, František Segrado, Vojtěch Dyk, Lenka Nová and Czech legend Marie Rottrová, and is currently working on new songs for other great singers. Together with the actor Štěpán Kozub, they have recorded an album titled Prásknu bičem, which has quickly gained success across generations and is enjoying great popularity at live concerts.

Jirka also performs regularly as a solo artist in Czech towns and abroad with a concert show or a comic one man show Varieté Krhut, and in his home town of Ostrava he hosts an entertaining talk show U Krhuta.



Luxor stage
17. 7. 2024 20:15 - 21:15


An interview full of surprises, jokes, improvisation, poems, original songs and excerpts from the new book by Czech musician and entertainer Jirka Krhut. Prepare to be drawn into the action! Jirka is spontaneous and unpredictable, so let's see what he will surprise, amuse and maybe even move us this time.