Jiří Kejval (CZE)

Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee


Jiří represented the Czech Republic (or former Czechoslovakia) in rowing and still regularly participates in sports. In 2012, he succeeded Milan Jirásek as Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee. In February 2018, he was elected a member of the International Olympic Committee at the Pyeongchang Winter Games.



Jiří Kejval is the chairman of the IOC Marketing Commission and the board of directors of IOC Television and Marketing Services, and a member of the Medical Commission of the Association of National Olympic Committees, while he also represents the association on the board of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
He is the author of the idea of Olympic Festivals (formerly Parks), which since 2014 have made sport accessible and promoted to the general public and children during the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee has taken over the project and is gradually spreading it to other countries.
Jiří is also thriving in the business sector and likes to combine sport and art. With a classmate, he founded the company TECHO in 1991, which later became part of the award-winning Dutch company Royal Ahrend. He co-founded a public benefit corporation for the support of Czech architecture and design, was involved in the American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies to support talented students, and has long supported the DOX Contemporary Art Center in Prague and the Czech Philharmonic. He also initiated the establishment of the Czech Olympic Foundation in 2012.