Jiří Hudec (CZE)

Head of the Department of Strategic Development of the City of Ostrava

„Ostrava is a city where new stories begin“


Jiří Hudec studied pedagogy and psychology at the University of Ostrava. His professional career has evolved from social work through human resources management to his current focus on urban development. He currently heads a team at the City of Ostrava’s Strategic Development Department.



The team is involved in a range of development-related activities, working alongside developers at all stages of projects (from the initial planning phase to detailed project documentation) and helping to drive initiatives such as the construction and operation of a community centre. His team’s responsibilities also include funding and marketing communication for municipal building projects. Although Jiří’s professional approach is businesslike, his colleagues appreciate how he combines rigorous expertise with a human touch.
He has wide-ranging management experience in long-term planning, and for many years he has been responsible for external financing and strategic planning at the City of Ostrava. Recently, his area of responsibility has expanded to include project management and metropolitan cooperation. He is skilled at combining the City’s development-related activities with its portfolio of investment projects. There is not enough space here to list all these projects, but some key examples include Ostrava’s new concert hall or the plans to link the Černá Louka (Black Meadow) district of the city centre with Lower Vítkovice, along a route passing through sites owned by private investors. Other examples are international collaborative initiatives, the T-Park, the kindergarten for children of City employees, Ostrava’s zoo, and the craft incubator at Lower Vítkovice. Jiří is the expert coordinator of the City’s Strategic Development Plan (communicated to the public under the fajnOVA brand), which features key inputs from experts and members of the general public. His responsibilities in this role include monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the plan.
He is a member of the management committee for the City’s Public Spaces programme, which supports local community projects to revitalize public spaces. He works closely alongside the Municipal Studio for Urban Planning and Architecture (MAPPA), the organization that defines and coordinates Ostrava’s conceptual approach to architecture, urbanism and city planning. Thanks to his wide-ranging professional experience, he is also able to collaborate on projects focusing on energy sustainability; he and his team are currently working on a project to create a municipal energy agency.