Jan Souček (CZE)

CEO of Czech Television


He has been in the media all his professional life. In his role of Director General of Czech TV, he focuses on supporting the independence, objectivity and respected position of Czech Television in the media industry.


Jan graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno. He started his career as a news editor in a commercial television, then worked as a radio presenter and then as Head of News department at Czech Radio Brno. He has been working at Czech Television since 2005, first as a presenter of a morning show and later as head of the Entertainment Production Centre. For nine years, he was the head of Czech TV Studio Brno.


Hra(na) korektnosti

Europe stage
19. 7. 2024 17:00 - 18:00


How is Czech Television responding to the ever-increasing demands for correctness? Where is the imaginary boundary that divides good and bad, and isn't it all just a game? In this debate, we ask Jan Souček, director of Czech Television, what he thinks about gender and political correctness.