Jan Allister (CZE)

biohacker, BUDOKON & MMA trainer


Biohacking, movement, meditation, water, shamanic medicine — these are the cornerstones of Johnny's world.


Jan, or Johnny, works with his wife Veronika in a B2B biohacking project called Systers.bio, bringing women education, events and supplements based on their individual biology and life stage.
In addition, as part of the BROTHERS. project, he organizes trainings, workshops and camps for men who enjoy movement and time to themselves.
Johnny´s movement pool is composed of MMA, BUDOKON and BJJ basics, which he is actively involved in.
He is the author of the book Dovol si TO (Allow Yourself TO), which describes his journey from point 0 to the current state of things. In the book, you can find out about shamanic ceremonies, and challenges that came to him afterwards in everyday life.



Good Life stage
20. 7. 2024 18:30 - 19:30


As you move, so you live. Come discover and experience the BUDOKON movement style and a special DMT Workshop.