Jakub Čubík (CZE)

Founder of the ESPORT VŠB-TUO organization

„Esport has the potential to bring us fame comparable to that of hockey.“


A researcher at VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, professionally dealing with optical fibers, but mainly the founder of the ESPORT VŠB-TUO organization. It was the starting entity in the field of university esports in the Czech Republic in 2016.



Manager of the "wolves" team, which has many successes, representations, and firsts. Lecturer and teacher of the first esports subject at a university within the Czech Republic. Holder of a coaching license C for the field of esports. Co-founder of the Esports Student Association, operator of 3E: Academic Championship, i.e., the Czech Republic championship in university esports. A researcher who strives to bring science into the world of esports. A debater of the pros and cons of esports for the public sector.


Esport, e-sport, eSport?!

UniverCity OSTRAVA!!!
19. 7. 2024 13:30 - 14:30


"I will be a streamer, I will make a living by playing!" Sentences that most parents probably don't want to hear from their children. The answer to the question of whether one can make a living from esports is actually quite complicated. And does an esports athlete still just play?
A talk mainly for those who are interested in esports and want to understand or hate it! For players, for parents, for everyone who is entertained or frightened by esports or something in between.