Honza Šádek (CZE)

Fine artist


Honza is a self-taught artist, his weapon is crayons. He started drawing relatively recently, about nine years ago, when he was really at his worst. He mostly likes to illustrate his feelings, emotions, and attitudes.


In the beginning, he had limited possibilities and made do with basic means. He, therefore, likens his technique to the old school – a sketch, inked lines, and crayons. He pays attention to every detail of his paintings, using a wide range of colours. Although the subject matter of the paintings is often not entirely optimistic, the colour combinations used exude positive energy.
Honza has had many successful exhibitions in Ostrava and Prague, he is the author of coloring books for children in Hospitals, and he illustrated a children's book in cooperation with the publishing house Thovth. He cooperates with Ostra group and ČSAD Ostrava. Among his great joys is decorating orphanages. He also does custom work. For several years he worked as a freelance artist at KOH-I-NOOR, now he continues in the same position at Faber-Castell.

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