Dana Škorpilová (CZE)

Fitness trainer and Nutritionist


Dana has been exercising for over 30 years, winning two "Into Shape" biggest body transformation contests with Muscle&Fitness magazine at the ages of 55 and 58. She is a personal trainer, nutritionist and co-owner of the Running School, which she runs with her husband, ultramarathoner Miloš Škorpil.



After many years in the corporate world, Dana went through total burnout and, at the age of 50, found herself unemployed, in divorce, in a painful professional and personal crisis. She had the worst year of her life. But then she got back on her feet, married the man of her life in sneakers in a meadow, and turned her lifelong passion — exercise and healthy lifestyle — into her profession.
"My greatest wish is that you too will know the benefits of exercise, proper training and healthy eating. It can literally save your life. Or at least improve it and — let's face it — make it much better looking! It doesn't matter if you're 30 or 60, if you're postpartum, post-transition or post-Christmas. Stop worrying about how old you are and whether it's 'still possible at this age' (to lose weight, get stronger, change priorities, change your life...) The answer is always YES," she says.
Dana will teach us to move sensibly, eat well and always perceive our unique body with love and respect. After all, we only have one for life!